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Upscalers stage investment pre seed, seed and serie A

Investment rounds

Among the first investors
upscalers geography thesis are mainly Europe, but also US and Israel


Europe, US, Israel
upscalers diversity thesis by investing in women founded companies


50% into female founders

What’s our mission.

The US and the sillicon Valley used to be the prominent place to start, scale, and sell a business (or do an IPO).

Since 2015-2016, EU saw a drastic change in the funding (VC) ecosystem as well as in the level and maturity of startup with the potential to compete in order to become market leader.

More specifically, the UK, and more recently France, are the 2 most active tech hubs, both regarding the number of new unicorns as well as funding options.

We want to invest at the very begin of their journey.

“We believe that EU has a unique opportunity to become the new sillicon valley of this decade”

What does upscalers
offer ?

Join us !

We are unique as we bring together exceptional individuals from different countries (with a strong EU focus), on an invite-only process, to co-invest into startups.
We also want to go beyond through Upscalers Teams, small team on a rolling 6 months cohort to create meaningful relationship between members.

Access to promising startups opportunities
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Being in the tech ecosystem for the past 10 years, Yoann has an extensive background and network. He has access to unique deal flows and select carefully opportunities in which he wants to invest. 
You should expect to receive between 10 to 15 opportunities per year.

Connect with exceptional members
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There are many clubs that try to connect and help us extend our network. We are not just another one!
We have a unique approach where we gather key employees and C-levels from the world well known startups. It's of course open to anyone passionnate about tech and giving back.

Upscalers Team, here to enrich our network
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In a more open and connected world, our network is certainly among our most professional valuable assets.
By forming small group of 20 people with different backgrounds, from different countries, on a 6 months rolling basis, it give members the opportunity to get to know fantastic people. 😉

Enjoy a stress-free legal and reporting process
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To make it smooth for both startup founders and for club members, we manage the entire administrative process, from legal to reporting. We cover in more details this matter during our call.

Our team (expanding).

profile picture of yoann benhacoun

Yoann Benhacoun

I'm 36, a father of 2 kids, and live in Paris, France.

I have a background in finance and left this industry to become an entrepreneur. In 2012, I founded Mobypark, an airbnb for parking, joined StartupBootcamp accelerator in Amsterdam in 2013, raised funds in 2014 to launch the service in 8 countries in EU and sold the company in 2017.

As I wanted to join a unicorn to learn from inside how to scale a company, I took the Country Manager France & Belgium position at Moovit (acquired by Intel 1B$ in May 2020).

I've always been fascinated and passionate about investment. I'm excited to launch and dedicate serious amount of time in this massive opportunity to create a club to invest and to meet extraordinary people.

I do believe that investing in female founders is not only the right choice for the future, but is also the best return on investment as they tend to be top performers.

I have lived in London, Madrid, Boston, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, which give me an edge on the deal flow I receive directly.

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Prénom Nom

34 ans, Los Angeles

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link to yoann benhacoun's linkedin

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